Metal...But With Porn

Alex, 17. Play guitar in Chronophage.

Cannibal Corpse, In Flames, At The Gates, Pantera, Rage Against the Machine, Opeth, Emperor, Ben Howard.

I have a beard.

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Daughter tells her Dad he’s going to be a Grandpa [x]

When he says “really” ;’)

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What a dear human being he is. 

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Anonymous asked: please explain to me why someone should respect a "sex worker". I get that it is a job, but I don't believe it to be a norm. besides, there is only a small percentage of you people doing this work and it'll always be seen as taboo.



"why should i respect someone if they do something considered taboo"
translation: punch me in the face because im trash

"you’re so easy to pick on because there’s not many of you and society thinks you’re gross — if you can’t STOP me from being a bully, then why should I stop myself?"
— a piece of actual, moldering trash, covered in excrement



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Scotland (by Philippe Sainte-Laudy)

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